scalp vein set fully-automatic assembly & packaging machine

The main function of butterfly needle assembly and packaging machine is to assemble the four components of the venipuncture set, including the scalp vein needle, flexible tube, soft/hard needle seat, needle seat cap, then seal the assembled finished products into bags in a single automated process.

All of our fully automatic equipment are configured with Mitsubishi programmable logic controller&Japanese SMC pneumatic components, ensuring precise,reliable,efficient assembly and greatly avoid the potential for human error.


Power Voltage Air pressure Capacity Equipment size Weight Floor area Pass rate Operators required One- time quantity of production
15KW 380 V, 50 Hz Clean compressed air0.4 – 0.6 Mpa 4000-4500pcs/h 7*5.5m 7-8 tons 38.5m² Assembly pass rate≥99.7% 2 persons 10pcs


Pneumatic components PLC System Photoelectric Sensors CCD Detection Touch Screen Servo Moto
SMC Mitsubishi Keyence/Panasonic Keyence/Cognex WEINVIEW Taiwan Delta

key innovations

our scalp vein needle automated assembly and packaging machine has overcomed over 10 technical difficulties, and won several national invention patent.

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